Why Manufacture in China?

China has been the rising export powerhouse for over 20yrs. Although products are being manufactured in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, the combination of efficiency, flexibility, infrastructure, government support and low costing, will make China hard to beat for manufacturing and export over the next 10yrs.

How is the Quality of Products Manufactured in China?

Quality Standards have increased over the last 8yrs in China. China factories have learnt best techniques from North American, European and Japanese manufactures. By using Chinese factories our clients benefit from world standards at China prices.

How Long Will It Take for My Idea to be Produced and Shipped?

Depending on the complexity of product, materials and if tooling is required, you should budget between 6-9months from initial consultation to Shipment. Review Our Services to find out more details.

How Do You Calculate Your Fees?

At Nafecs we individually tailor Our Pricing to meet each client’s personal needs. Generally speaking we require a monthly retainer plus a percentage value of shipment from China. Contact Us to receive a quotation or discuss your product needs.

Who Will Handle My Account on a Day to Day Basis?

Nafecs will assign an experienced, English speaking, Chinese account manager in either our Hong Kong or mainland China offices. They will correspond with China factories and Quality Control laboratories and ensure that you receive timely and accurate information. Many of our clients like to be involved in the more detailed manufacturing processes and in these cases we offer seamless correspondence so you are always ‘in the loop’.

Why Nafecs?

Using Nafecs will ensure that your business in China is well managed and cost efficient so that you receive the lowest cost, highest quality product, on time. We provide complete China supply-chain options and risk management. Visit Who Are We? to read more about what Nafecs can do for your business.