Our Fees

Our Fees

Every project and client is individual so here at Nafecs we have a flexible fee structure to accommodate this.

Generally speaking we expect a minimum retainer for our services which is a percentage of your FOB Asia purchase volume ranging from 2-10% depending on the purchase volume. In such cases of new projects or when purchases are not expected we require a minimum quarterly service fee.

Nafecs will negotiate and communicate with China factories to try and ensure the lowest cost for production. Our clients pay the factories directly so there are no hidden extras or unexpected costs. We believe in an open and honest approach. All factories, project status reports, quotations and costs are open to Nafecs Clients.

Ways in which we save you money

  • Transferring production to lower cost facilities while still maintaining quality control
  • Improving efficiency to client supply
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Reducing overheads by outsourcing

In most cases We Pay For Ourselves!

See our Success Stories to read more about the cost savings Nafecs can make to your company.

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